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Sydney Film Festival Accommodation

Sydney Film Festival Accommodation

The Sydney Film Festival is one of the longest running film events in the world. The annual festival brings the best new films from around the world to audiences in Sydney each year. As well as brand new features from over forty countries, the event showcases short films, Australian films, documentaries and archive titles, many of which are recently restored and screened infront of inspired audiences.

The festival hosts a number of awards to recognise excellence in filmmaking, including the Dendy Awards for Australian Short Films (which are Academy Award eligible), the FOXTEL Australian Documentary Awards and the Official Competition, which celebrates 'courageous and audacious filmmaking'. The Sydney Film Festival has something for everyone, if you are a dedicated film buff or just a fan wanting to get a pre-release glimpse, then this event is for you.

BookToday has a wide selection of accommodation close to the Sydney Film Festival. Stay close to the action and accolades and don't miss a beat of this world renowned event. If you require further assistance with your accommodation selection, feel free to call 1300 733 274 and talk to one of our friendly customer service assistants.


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