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Sydney Fringe Festival Accommodation

Sydney Fringe Festival Accommodation

The Sydney Fringe Festival is an alternative arts and culture festival held for the first time in September 2010 in the inner west of Sydney. Organisers describe the festival as "a look underneath to the urban and the unconventional". In reality, the event is a multidiscipline cultural showcase that throws you from theatre to gaming to music and to food. The Fringe Festival offers audiences the thrill of discovery and the opportunity to experience independent new works that are tangible and authentic.

The event is a must do for innovative and entrepreneurial artists and performers, as well as for audiences craving to see new works being unearthed for the first time. The Fringe will reveal itself between 10 - 26 September. So come to Sydney for The Fringe Festival, and experience an alternative to the traditional and conservative.

BookToday has a wide selection of accommodation close to the Sydney Fringe Festival. Stay close to the action and be a part of a unique urban contemporary event in Sydney during September. If you require further assistance with your accommodation selection, feel free to call 1300 733 274 and talk to one of our friendly customer service assistants.


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